It’s seldom easy to convince an older adult that it is time for them to hand over their keys and sell the car. Family caregivers often find themselves having to argue with their aging relatives about the subject. Some even find themselves getting authority figures, like doctors, involved in the discussion. Sometimes it feels like nothing you say sinks in, and you’ve exhausted all your arguments. While it can help to table the discussion and come back to it later, winter may be the perfect time to bring up the subject again since it provides additional reasons for seniors to stop driving. Below are 5 reasons winter is the perfect time for your aging relative to give up the keys.

#1: Slippery Road Conditions

Elder Care Neosho, MO: 5 Reasons for Seniors to Quit Driving in the Winter

One of the biggest reasons to stop driving in the winter is the potential for slippery roads. Snow- and ice-covered roads are dangerous to drive on regardless of age. However, for older adults who have slowed responses may be less equipped to handle the car if it slides. This could mean a greater chance of getting into an accident.

#2: Risk of Being Stuck in the Cold

If the car breaks down or gets stuck during the winter, your older family member could find themselves stranded in the cold. Older adults are at greater risk for hypothermia than younger people are. Their bodies don’t recognize cold as easily. They may also have medical conditions that increase the risk of hypothermia.

#3: Danger of Falling in Parking Lots and on Sidewalks

When they drive themselves, seniors also have to walk into places without assistance. That means having to walk through parking lots or on sidewalks that may have icy patches. The ice could cause them to slip and fall, which could result in a broken bone or head injury.

#4: Impaired Vision Due to Snow

Snow can make seeing while driving difficult. For older adults who already have impaired vision, the problem can be even worse.

#5: Windows Need Scraping

During the winter, it’s not uncommon for car windows to be covered with snow and ice that needs to be scraped off. Scraping windows can be difficult for seniors who might lack the necessary strength. When your older relative stops driving, they never need to scrape windows again.

If your older family member fears they’ll be stuck at home and giving up their independence by no longer driving, explaining that elder care can provide transportation can help. An elder care provider can be scheduled to come to the senior’s house to drive them to the places they want to go. Elder care providers can help them to run errands, go to doctor appointments, or even go to visit friends.


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