When caring for your elderly loved one, there might be some things that you notice with their vision. You might be concerned that your elderly loved one can’t see that well. Maybe you think they have worsened eye diseases. Before jumping to any conclusions, it might be helpful to learn about some of the basic aging eye facts.

Difficulties Focusing on Closer Objects

Senior Care in Joplin, MO: Aging Vision Facts

Have you or a senior care provider noticed your elderly loved one has difficulties focusing on objects that are closer to them when they aren’t wearing their glasses? If so, this could be because their vision is getting a bit worse. This is usually a normal age-related vision change. However, if you or your elderly loved one are concerned, you can have them see an eye doctor to discuss this.

More Difficulties Seeing in Dimmer Lighting

Has your elderly loved one been struggling more to see in areas where the light is dim? This may be something that gets even worse with time. As your elderly loved one ages even more, their eyes are likely going to be more sensitive to light glares. This is one reason why so many senior citizens struggle seeing when the lighting isn’t bright enough.

Take More Time to Adjust in Darker Rooms

Do you remember when your elderly loved one could walk into a darker room and see right where they were going? This is because people who are younger can adjust more easily to darker rooms or areas. However, as people get older, their eyes can’t adjust as well to the darkness. Now, it may take your elderly loved one twice as long or even longer to see when they go into a darker room.

Difficulty Perceiving Colors

Has your elderly loved one been struggling to tell the difference between colors? Maybe they think something that is blue is actually gray. They may think something that is purple is actually blue. This is a common vision issue that many elderly people face. There could be many reasons for this. Some of them are age-related and others are related to eye diseases. If you or your elderly loved one get concerned about this, you can schedule them an appointment with their eye doctor.


These are some of the aging eye facts that you and your elderly loved one may want to know more about. With this information, hopefully, you both can better understand the changes that are happening with their vision and eye health.

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