Dizzy spells can have a variety of different causes. They can also be an early warning that something else isn’t functioning properly. Here’s why you need to treat even a small episode of dizziness seriously.

Dizziness Can Be a Side Effect of Dehydration

Elderly Care Eastern Cherokee County, KS: Four Reasons to Investigate Dizziness

Dehydration, even mild dehydration, is really common and can be a big problem for your senior. Your senior’s body needs the right amount of water to keep all of her systems functioning properly. When she’s not getting enough water, she might notice that her skin feels dry or that she’s uncomfortable in other ways. One of those ways might be by feeling a little lightheaded or even dizzy. Talk to your senior about how much water she’s drinking on a regular basis. Compare that with her doctor’s recommendation.

She’s at Greater Risk for Falling

One of the worst aspects of dizziness is that it can create huge problems for your senior’s mobility. Dizziness can change her perspective and cause miscommunication between her brain and her limbs, making her more likely to fall. Avoiding a fall is likely one of her top priorities, so dizziness is something that she needs to deal with quickly and safely.

Driving While Dizzy Is Dangerous

As dangerous as walking while dizzy can be, driving while dizzy is even more dangerous. Your elderly family member may not want to talk about dizziness if it’s affecting her ability to drive. If you’re noticing that she’s having more dizzy spells, though, it’s worth opening up a conversation to find a solution for transportation. She doesn’t need to be stuck at home without a way to go anywhere, even if that’s her fear. Having elderly care providers doing the driving for her can help her to still go places, but safely.

Her Hearing Could Be at Risk

Something your senior might not have thought about is how connected her hearing is to her sensations of dizziness. The middle and the inner ear work to share directional information with the brain and if your senior is experiencing more dizziness than usual, that might mean that she’s experienced some damage to those fine inner bones. That can mean hearing loss, not just dizziness.

Dizziness means something, even if you and your senior aren’t sure quite yet what it means. Talk to your senior’s doctor, even if the dizzy spells don’t seem to be that big a deal. There might be more going on.


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John Good