Not every conversation is going to go how you want it to go with your elderly family member. But when it seems like every conversation devolves faster than ever before, that can get incredibly frustrating for both of you. You might need to try some new techniques for communicating with her that open things up a little bit.

Are You Helping More than You Should?

Caregiver Joplin, MO: Having Trouble Talking to Your Senior

One of the issues you might be facing if you and your senior aren’t communicating well could be that she feels you’re helping too much. This sounds like it’s not possible, but it really can be the case. Talk to your senior about whether you’re overstepping your boundaries with her and what she really needs from you. Make sure she knows that you’re genuinely looking for information.

Practice Listening More Than You’re Talking
You might also be talking more than you’re listening, which is easy to do. Try to take a deep breath a little more often and just actively listen. This is going to encourage her to talk to you more, too, believe it or not. When she feels like you really are listening, she’ll open up to you more and that can make a massive difference.

Imagine You’re Her
When you put yourself in your senior’s position, you might be able to see where she’s coming from a lot more readily than if you stick with your own perspective alone. What you see as important or vital, she may validly see as unimportant for her daily life. It can help a lot for you to simply acknowledge that, even if that acknowledgement doesn’t change anything that you’re going to do. It still helps her to feel heard.

Look at Caregiving as Something You’re Doing Together
You’re doing a lot as your senior’s caregiver, that’s not in dispute at all. But you’re in this experience together. Sometimes it can be important for your elderly family member if you look at caregiving as a partnership and something that you’re doing together. Even if you’re acknowledging this as a formality, it can help you both to get along a bit better.

Your relationship with your senior may have its ups and downs during your time as her caregiver. That can be a normal part of life, but it can definitely complicate the caregiving experience. How you each approach the issue matters a lot, both now and down the line a bit.

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John Good