Too much weight gain can cause a lot of problems for elderly adults. It can make breathing and moving around more difficult. In addition, for elderly adults that already suffer from a chronic health issue such as diabetes, weight gain could be even more harmful. If you want to help your elderly loved one to prevent weight gain, there are many different ways that you and their elder care providers can do this.

Taking On a New Hobby

Elder Care Carthage, MO: Weight Gain and Seniors

One of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent weight gain is by getting them to take on a new hobby. The reason they might be gaining weight is that they are eating too much or they are sitting around a lot due to boredom. If you can get your elderly loved one to take on a new hobby such as painting, gardening, or a fitness class, they can move around more and prevent weight gain.

Healthier Eating

Another way that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent weight gain is by improving their eating. You or their elder care providers should go to the store with them to choose healthier foods. Make a meal plan before you go to the store to prevent any unnecessary buying. You can bulk buy and freeze healthy meals, as well. This way meals are already prepared for your loved one and they won’t have to think twice about what they are going to eat. The healthier that your loved one eats, the less chance there will be that they gain weight.

Use of a Fitness Device

There are many different types of fitness devices on the market today. Many elderly adults will become much more motivated to move around when they are using one of these fitness devices. The fitness devices will track their activity level, steps, sleep, and other things, as well. They can go for walks, exercise in the house, or follow along with the fitness app program to maintain their weight or even to lose weight.

Staying Connected with Others

Has your elderly loved one just been sitting home lately? Maybe they haven’t been getting out much. This might be causing their increased weight. People need to move around and be active in order to prevent weight gain. One of the ways you can help your elderly loved one to prevent weight gain is by keeping them connected with others. For instance, you can take your parents to the park with you and your kids. They can play around with their grandkids. This will help them to stay social and active.

These are just some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent weight gain. Keeping your elderly loved one at a healthy weight is important for their health and overall well-being.


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