Do you need to find a way to brighten up your elderly loved one’s day? Have you ever heard that laughter can make a light shine? It really is true. If you can get your elderly loved one laughing, it can really brighten up their entire day. In some cases, it can brighten up their life. There are so many ways that light humor can help your elderly loved one. 

Less Stress

Elderly Care Carl Junction, MO: Light Humor and Seniors

Research shows that humor can help to lower stress levels. In the studies that have been done, stress impacts people’s lives in many negative ways. It causes tense muscles, increased blood pressure, and other health issues. However, laughter can help to relax those tense muscles, lower blood pressure, and even combat some other negative effects that stress has on the body and the mind, as well.  

Feeling Better 

If your elderly loved one has been feeling down, humor can make them feel much better. People who laugh often feel less stressed, less anxious, and less overwhelmed. They also generally feel happier, more content, and more grateful in their life. If you want to help your elderly loved one get rid of their negative feelings and bring in more positive ones, getting them to laugh with some light humor can go a long way in doing this. If you can’t be around much to bring laughter to your elderly loved one’s life, having an elderly care provider that is funny go to your loved one’s house would be a great idea.  

Healing Faster 

Does your elderly loved one have an injury? Are they recovering from surgery? If either of these is the case, it is important for you to know that humor can help them to recover more quickly. In fact, studies have been done that show people who are going to physical therapy that laugh often, recover faster than those who don’t laugh much. If your elderly loved one needs to heal, light humor can help them to do that.  


These are some of the ways that light humor can help your elderly loved one. Now that you know this, you can start bringing more humor to your elderly loved one’s life. The more they can laugh, the more positive effects that laughter could have on their life. In addition, laughter can help to get rid of negative things in their life, as well. If you can’t be around much to make them laugh, you can find an elderly care provider they like that can make them laugh.  


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John Good