Exercising more often is an admirable goal and there are lots of recommendations out there for aging adults and how much they should be moving each day. If your senior is getting excited about moving more as warm weather approaches, she needs to first have a conversation with her doctor about her plans. Once she’s cleared for exercise, she should keep these tips in mind.

Pay Attention to Temperatures

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In late spring and early summer, your senior might be able to exercise at any time of day, particularly outside. But as the temperatures heat up, she needs to be a little more careful about what she’s doing when. Exercising earlier in the day or in the early evening are better ideas, because your elderly family member is less likely to overheat.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is always dangerous for your elderly family member, but it can be especially dangerous when she’s exercising in warmer weather. She needs to take extra care to hydrate before she exercises, and then she should drink fluids during exercise if she’s able and afterward as well. This can help her to avoid losing too many fluids to sweat.

Dress for Sun Protection

Sun block, a hat that helps to protect her face, and clothing that helps to block the sun are all crucial for outdoor exercise in warmer weather. Even if the day isn’t a particularly hot one, the sun can still burn her skin. Skipping sun block or other protective gear is a bad idea all the way around. Your senior may think it’s fine “just the once,” until she’s dealing with a bad burn.

Avoid Pushing Too Hard

Even if your elderly family member has been exercising for a while now, pushing too hard can be dangerous for her during hotter weather. It’s way too easy to get overheated, and that can be a huge issue. She needs to listen to her body while she’s exercising, particularly if she’s doing physical activity outdoors in warmer weather. It’s always preferable to take it easy during a workout than it is to experience a medical emergency because of overdoing it.

Having someone right there with your senior as she exercises can help you to feel more comfortable about her being more active. This is especially the case if she doesn’t already have an exercise buddy. Elderly care providers can keep your senior company and ensure that she’s within her own limits.

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