Now that your elderly parent is even older, you may be wondering who is going to take care of them. Maybe you noticed that your parent is eating well or that they can’t get around as good as they did in recent years. If you know that you won’t be able to care for your elderly parent, it might be time to get a home care provider for them. Is it the right time to do this? Keep reading below to find out if you should contact and hire home care providers for your elderly parent.  

Confusion and/or Forgetfulness

Home Care Neosho, MO: Help from Home Care Providers

When you visit with or talk to your elderly parent, do they often get confused or forget things? Maybe your elderly parent called you by someone else’s name. Another example would be that your elderly parent forgot that it was your birthday. Maybe they forgot that they had a doctor’s appointment, even though you just told them the day before. If your elderly parent is getting confused or forgetful, it might be time to get a home care provider to care for them.  

Not Cleaning the House  

The last time you were in your elderly parent’s house, how did it look? Did you notice there were dirty dishes on the counter? Was the trash overflowing? Were there piles of laundry stacked up? If your elderly parent isn’t taking care of their house, it might be because they can’t do these housecleaning tasks on their own anymore. If this is the case, you might need to hire home care providers to help.  

Not Able to Track Time and Days 

Does it seem like your elderly parent is losing track of the time and days? Maybe they call you at 2 in the morning because they think it is the afternoon. Your elderly parent might also expect you to come over because they think it is Sunday, the day you have dinner with them, when it is only Wednesday. If your elderly parent is losing track of the time and of the days, it might be time to get them a home care provider.  


These are some of the signs that it might be time to get a home care provider for your elderly parent. If you notice any of these signs in your elderly parent, be sure you talk to them. While they might not immediately admit that they need help, this conversation will at the very least give you a better idea of how much help they are going to need.  


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