Have you ever heard of the idea of minimalism? This is where people have fewer belongings. They don’t have a lot of things taking up extra space in their house. They are able to find happiness in non-material parts of life. With this being said, it can be said that minimalism can help the elderly in many ways. Keep reading here to find out how minimalism may benefit your elderly loved one.

Taking Better Care of Belongings

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When people have more belongings, they don’t tend to take care of everything they have. For instance, if your elderly loved one has a lot of clothing items, they may have clothes lying around their bedroom floor. They may have clothes on the floor of their closet and their clothing may get lost, as well. However, if your elderly loved one had the bare minimum of clothes, they are likely going to take better care of it. This also usually makes people appreciate the things they do have.

Happiness Comes from Non-Material Things

Has your elderly loved one been looking for happiness in the wrong places? For example, have you or a home care provider heard your elderly loved one say they will be happy when they get such-and-such? If they are trying to find happiness in the things they buy, they will never have true happiness. The happiness that people get from buying something only lasts for a short time. Then, they go looking for happiness in the next thing they want to buy.

On the other hand, if your elderly loved one practices minimalism, they won’t have many belongings. They will be forced to find happiness in spending time with others, doing fun activities, or enjoying a day outdoors. They will be able to find more happiness that lasts instead of happiness that disappears after they have bought and had something for a few days.

Learning to Let Go

Learning to let go is one of the most difficult lessons for a lot of people. However, if your elderly loved one were to start practicing minimalism, they could learn to start letting go. They could let go of one or two items at a time, so they don’t feel so overwhelmed. However, as they part with these things, they will find that things don’t make life worth living, people do.


These are some of the ways that minimalism could help your elderly loved one. If they aren’t entirely on board, maybe you or a home care provider could help them stay on track with this new way of living.

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