If your elderly loved one has mild Alzheimer’s disease, there are some things that you can do for them. The first thing to do is to learn more about this condition. Mild Alzheimer’s disease means that your elderly loved one is in the first stages of this disease. While the disease will progress at some point, for now, you can learn about how to handle the condition during this stage.  

Things to Expect with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

Elder Care Carl Junction, MO: Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

If your elderly loved one is still in the beginning stages of this disease, they might not need an elder care provider yet. However, if your loved one experiences more than a couple of these symptoms, you might want to consider hiring an elder care provider to check in on them. Some of the symptoms that occur during this stage include the following: 

  • Misplacing  things 
  • Forgetting some words 
  • Repeating the same things  
  • Forgetting things they just read 
  • Having more trouble organizing things or making a plan  
  • Forgetting the names of new people they meet 
  • Difficulty doing familiar tasks 
  • Difficulty with numbers  

Now that you know more about the symptoms during this stage, it is time to learn more about the strategies to care for your loved one.  

Talk to Your Loved One 

If you want to know more about what your elderly loved one is going through, talk to them. While they might forget some things, during the beginning stages of this disease, they can still communicate quite well.  


You should ask your elderly loved one what they need you and their elder care providers to help with. Talk to them about how they are feeling. Now would be a great time to make a plan for when the disease progresses.  

Quality of Life 

While there might be some symptoms during the beginning stages of this disease, your elderly loved one can still have a decent quality of life. If you and elder care providers remove dangerous items from the home, your loved one can stay safe.  

Practicing the Yes 

As time goes on, you are going to have to say yes to your elderly loved one more often. Most people, in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, don’t take the answer no very well. Even though your loved one is still in the early stages, you should practice saying yes.  


You now know more about mild Alzheimer’s disease. With this information, you can do the best to provide your elderly loved one with the care they need. Understanding more about the condition is the first step to providing that care.  


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John Good