If you are looking out and caring for your elderly loved one, there are certain things that you need to watch out for. One of the things that is quite common in elderly adults is depression. It is helpful if you and home care providers look out for the warning signs of depression in elderly adults. If you notice sooner that your elderly loved one is depressed, you may be able to help them overcome it. The longer they are depressed, the more difficult it will be to overcome.  

Sleep Issues and Fatigue

Home Care Neosho, MO: Depression and Elderly

Some of the things that you might notice if your elderly loved one is depressed are insomnia, sleeping too much, and chronic fatigue. If your elderly loved one has home care providers at night, have them track how much or how little your loved one is sleeping. If there are issues, your elderly loved one might be depressed.  

Feeling Hopeless or Sad All the Time 

Has your elderly loved one started feeling hopeless or sad? These feelings happen from time to time. However, if they become a regular thing for your elderly loved one, it could signify they have depression. If this is too severe, you may want to have your elderly loved one see their doctor for treatment.  

Losing Interest and Pleasure in Things 

Has your elderly loved one recently stopped doing things they have enjoyed doing for a long time? Have they stopped talking about things they have been passionate about? If these things are happening, your elderly loved one could be depressed. Talk to them to see what is going on. If it seems that depression is the issue, you can make a plan to help them overcome it.  


Have you noticed that your elderly loved one doesn’t call you as much as they used to? Have they been avoiding your phone calls? If they are doing this with multiple people in their life, they may be depressed. Avoidance and isolation might be their way of hiding their depression from others.  

Lack of Focus and Concentration 

Has your elderly loved one been lacking focus and concentration lately? Maybe they can’t get through a conversation without getting sidetracked. They may be doing activities in their home and get distracted, as well. Lack of focus and lack of concentration are both signs of depression. If your elderly loved one is experiencing these signs, you should see what you or their home care providers can do to help.  


These are some of the warning signs of depression in elderly adults. If you recognize these signs in your elderly loved one, talk to them and make a plan for how they can start feeling better. 


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John Good