Balance disorders are a huge problem for your aging family member because they can quickly lead to a fall and therefore serious injury. Avoiding a fall requires a plan that looks at all possible causes, including issues like balance problems. Your senior’s doctor can help you to rule out other risk factors. Here are just a few of the different symptoms you might notice with balance issues, beyond a wobbly gait. 

Lightheadedness or Feeling Faint

Senior Care Webb City, MO: Balance Disorders

If your elderly family member is feeling faint or even lightheaded, there can be a variety of contributing factors. Checking those possibilities first, especially the ones that are immediately treatable, can be very helpful. Low blood sugar, dehydration, and fatigue from lack of sleep might be some of those factors. If those factors aren’t what’s causing the lightheadedness, talk to your senior’s doctor. 

Blurred or Double Vision 

Blurry vision or other vision issues can contribute to your senior having trouble with her balance. Ruling out solvable causes helps here, too. If your elderly family member hasn’t had her eyes tested in a while, it’s definitely time to make an appointment with her eye doctor. Correcting any treatable vision issues can help. Otherwise, there may be medical treatments her doctor can suggest that help to reduce vision problems. 

Blood Pressure Issues and Heart Problems 

Your senior’s cardiovascular system does a lot more than just keep her heart pumping. When blood pressure drops too low, that can cause issues with balance. This happens because not enough blood, nutrients, and oxygen are getting to your senior’s brain. If the low blood pressure is a result of something that’s easy to fix, like being slightly dehydrated, then the balance problems can go away. But that isn’t always the case. 

Vertigo or Dizziness 

Inner ear issues, vertigo, and other reasons for dizziness can also contribute to balance issues. Tinnitus can also be a problem. Ear issues that cause dizziness or vertigo are likely also contributing to hearing problems. If these are issues that can be corrected, you may be able to help reduce the dizziness or vertigo issues.  

Balance issues can be really scary for your elderly family member. Always make sure you talk to her doctor about what she’s experiencing. It can also help significantly to have someone there with your senior when you can’t be there. Senior care providers offer experienced assistance that makes your senior’s life easier and safer. 


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