What Foods Can Help Seniors Lower Cholesterol?

Too much cholesterol can be detrimental to a senior’s health. This is a fat waxy-like substance that can be good or bad. Your body can use cholesterol to build cells and create hormones. However, too much cholesterol can cause blockage and prevent those things from happening. When too much cholesterol builds up in a body, it makes blood flow through arteries incredibly difficult.

Seniors should be focusing on their cholesterol and having regular checkups with their doctors to ensure it’s at a healthy level. Too little cholesterol can be linked to cancer, stroke, and depression. This can happen in older adults, but so can having too much cholesterol. Senior home care can help find the right diet plan for older adults based on their test results.

High cholesterol can also be linked to strokes, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and arterial disease. Senior home care can help manage a diet and provide food for seniors that will help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Regular doctor visits are necessary to find out where a senior’s level is. Doctors will test this through a lipids profile test that will give them all of the information. Here are some food items that seniors with high cholesterol should have in their fridge or on their next grocery shopping trip.

Fun Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Senior Home Care Pittsburg, KS: Lowering Cholesterol

When the doctor diagnoses a senior with too low or too high of cholesterol, they will also usually help the senior understand how to fix the problems. This may be through medication, diet, or other steps that can be taken to manage health better. Senior home care can go over these instructions and help keep the senior on the right path. A senior home care provider will not touch the medication, but they can help remind a senior when it is time to take it and find meals to go along with it.

Add In Avocados

So many people are obsessed with avocados and for a good reason. They are a superfood that has tons of health benefits like lowering cholesterol and containing tons of fiber. They are a good snack on their own with some balsamic vinegar or they make a great ingredient in a salad. It is something that is full of healthy fat that will help a person manage their overall health.

Fatty Fish

If your senior loves to eat salmon and tuna it’s time to encourage more of that. This is a healthy protein that can be added into salads or made into a main course dish. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and can help increase the good cholesterol in the body.

Dark Chocolate

A senior may love sweets and for the most part it can be the right move to try to avoid them. However, a little bit of dark chocolate may curb the craving and actually help the senior lower bad cholesterol. In moderation, this can be a great solution. Dark chocolate is filled with fiber, magnesium, and other antioxidants. A small piece of dark chocolate may have massive health benefits.

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