Dentures can be a little bit scary at first. They seem awfully delicate to handle, but they’re a new set of teeth for your senior to use to eat her food. If you’re not already aware of the details you need to know to help her to care for them, this should help. 

Your Senior’s Health Can Affect Denture Fit

Home Care Carthage, MO: Dentures and Seniors

Home Care Carthage, MO: Dentures and Seniors

It’s easy to overlook, but other health conditions can affect how well your senior’s dentures fit. Make sure that you talk with her dentist about how her health issues might be affecting her dentures and her remaining teeth, if she has any. This is also a good time to ask about any warning signs and what you can do if her dentures start to fit poorly or irritate her mouth. 

Her Dentures Need to Be Brushed Daily 

It’s a common mistake to believe that dentures need only periodic care and cleaning. But they need brushing on a daily basis. Avoid using a regular toothbrush, because the bristles are too hard and can damage the dentures. Denture brushes are shaped just like toothbrushes, but they have much softer bristles that are designed specifically to clean dentures. She doesn’t need to use toothpaste on her dentures, because that can be too abrasive for the delicate surface, too. 

Store the Dentures in a Denture Bath 

When your senior isn’t wearing her dentures, they need to stay wet. Denture baths are a small tub designed to safely hold dentures and to allow them to soak in water. This is also a perfect space in which to use denture cleaning tablets. These help to disinfect the dentures and keep them clean in between wearings. 

Dentist Visits Are a Must 

Another big mistake is to believe that now that your senior is wearing dentures, she doesn’t have to visit the dentist. Her dentist can help to ensure that her dentures are still fitted properly and that her gums and the rest of her mouth are healthy. Regular dental visits are absolutely a must, because that’s also where your senior’s dentures get examined to ensure they’re in the best possible condition. 

Your senior’s dentures help her to eat and they can also be a huge boost for her confidence. If she needs extra help taking care of her dentures and managing other personal care tasks, it might be time to bring in home care providers to offer additional assistance. 


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John Good