Has your elderly loved one seemed lonely lately? Maybe they keep asking you to come to visit them, more than they used to. They might be asking their senior care providers to stay longer than they are scheduled to stay. Many senior citizens feel lonely. Figuring out why your elderly loved one is feeling lonely is the key to helping them feel better. Here are some of the common reasons why senior citizens feel lonely.  

Living by Themselves

Senior Care Eastern Cherokee County, KS: Seniors and Feeling Lonely

Is your elderly loved one living by themselves? If this is new for them, it can be difficult for them to adjust to the new situation they are in. Maybe their spouse passed and they are figuring out how to be alone. Even if your elderly loved one has lived by themselves for a long time, they may still feel lonely. As more time passes being on their own, they may feel left out of certain things. However, if you or senior care providers visit your elderly loved one more often, it could help them to feel less lonely.  

Health Issues  

Does your elderly loved one have health issues? Maybe they recently got diagnosed with heart disease or cancer. If so, they can feel alone in everything they are going through. This feeling can translate into them feeling lonely in their life. If this is the situation your elderly loved one is in right now, you can help out. Even if you can’t be around for them much, having senior care providers be there can help them feel that they aren’t alone.  

Don’t Have a Lot of Family or Friends  

Does your elderly loved one live quite far away from their family members and friends? If this is the case, you may want to talk to them about moving. They might be interested in moving closer to a certain family member. Even if they don’t move, you can set them up with video chatting platforms. These platforms allow your elderly loved one to see the people they are talking to. This can help some people to feel less lonely.  

Not Transportation  

Is your elderly loved one feeling lonely because they can’t visit many of their loved ones or friends due to no transportation? If your elderly loved one needs a way to go places, you can hire senior care providers to drive them around. These providers can take your elderly loved one to see their friends or family. They can take them to the stores and other places, too.  


These are some of the reasons why your elderly loved one might be feeling lonely. If you find that your loved one is feeling like this, you can help in numerous ways. You can hire senior care providers for them. You can visit them more or set them up with video chatting platforms. These are just some ways your elderly loved one can stop feeling lonely.  


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John Good