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Home Care Assistance – Tips On Meal Prepping for The Week

With the help of home care assistance, a senior can get meals prepared in advance, companionship, and someone who can help them create a routine.
Home Care Assistance

Not all seniors love to cook, especially if they have no one to cook for. However, that does not mean they should give up focusing on eating a healthy, well-rounded diet. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t know what to eat or can’t cook like they used to, so they gravitate towards packaged, unhealthy foods and frozen meals. They are convenient, portioned, and easy to heat up. These frozen meals make it seem like they don’t have to cook for health and make it seem like aging in place is so easy now. Well, aging in place is easier than ever before, but it isn’t because of the convenience of packaged foods. It’s because there are now more care options for seniors who want to age in place. With the help of home care assistance, a senior can get meals prepared in advance, companionship, and someone who can help them create a routine. This is why more and more seniors are choosing to age in place. Here are some tips that home care assistance or even adult children caring for their parents can use for preparing meals in advance.

Embrace Cereal/Protein Bars

Protein and cereal bars may be better when they come from the store. However, you can easily prepare a giant homemade batch in under a half an hour. Like the kind from the store, they will be nutrient-dense, satisfy a senior’s hunger, are easy to grab, and are delicious to snack on. The difference? Homemade bars are filled with less preservatives and chemicals, making it better for seniors. They are just as convenient as the kind from the store, but they are better, fresher, and even more budget-friendly for your seniors. Come up with an ingredient list and send your loved one shopping so you can help them make this yummy treat when they get back.

Focus on Protein

If you’ve ever heard that protein is your body’s building block, this is because it’s true. A senior should eat enough protein every day. If you are unsure how much protein a senior should be eating, it’s time to go to the doctor to figure it out. Once you know how much your loved one should eat, focus on it. You can make things like hard-boiled eggs in advance, which go great on salad, or even bake a chicken to eat all week long. If your senior likes yogurt, this is something that you can buy from the store that is relatively healthy regarding packaged foods.

Sneak In Soups

Although this tip is harder to do in the summer when it’s brutally hot, you should always sneak in soups when possible. Certain types of cold soups can be prepared and served throughout the week, making a good summer meal. On the other hand, plenty of hot soup recipes go great in the fall or winter. These can be made in advance and even frozen until the senior is ready to pop it on the stove to melt. It’s time to find out their favorite soup and make a few bags to freeze! This will be super easy for a senior later on.

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