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Helping a Senior Parent That’s Alone During the Holidays

Companion care at home provides consistent emotional support for seniors who spend a lot of time alone. Here are some other tips to prevent loneliness.
Companion Care at Home in Joplin MO
Companion Care at Home in Joplin MO

If you live far away from a senior parent, the holidays can be a tough time for both of you. Seniors who live alone have a tendency to be lonely, and the holiday season can make that loneliness feel more intense.

The holidays can trigger depression and anxiety in seniors who are grieving the loss of friends, family, or a spouse. And if you can’t visit your senior parent during the holidays, they may struggle with feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and sadness during the time of the year when they should be the happiest.

Companion care at home can really help seniors during the holiday season. Companion care provides consistent emotional support for seniors who spend a lot of time alone. If you can’t be with your senior parent, a companion can be there to take your senior parent shopping, go out to lunch or dinner with them, and do other fun holiday activities like going to see the decorated store windows.

In addition to companion care at home, some things that can help your senior parent feel less lonely during the holidays are:

Hosting Parties

If your senior parent has a hard time getting out or they don’t like to go out in the winter weather, suggest that they have cocktail hour, a crafting party, or some other holiday social events. With help from home care, seniors can enjoy hosting holiday events for friends, neighbors, and any family members that live nearby.

Decking the Halls

Holiday decorations can lift a senior’s spirits and spread holiday cheer so get out those boxes of holiday decorations, put up a tree, and deck those halls. Companion care can help your parent decorate the house so they feel more festive and ready for the holidays.

Join Senior Centers or Clubs

Getting together with other seniors can provide valuable social interaction for a senior parent. And since many seniors are alone during the holiday season it gives your senior parent lots of new friends who are in the same boat so they can enjoy the holidays together.

Video Chat

Video chatting is a fun way to spend time with a senior parent if you live far away. Watch holiday movies together, talk and hang out, or even play games together on video chat to enjoy as much time as you can with your senior parent.

Find Community Celebrations to Enjoy

Many communities organize holiday celebrations, parades, and events. Encourage your senior parent to attend community and neighborhood events with their companion so they don’t miss the fun of the holidays.

Participate in Holiday Classes

Check with local colleges and community centers to see if they have holiday-themed workshops or classes. Whether it’s crafting, cooking, or learning a new skill, these activities provide opportunities for seniors to meet people with similar interests and stay engaged during the holiday season.

Arrange Transportation

Many seniors don’t drive, or don’t drive during the winter. If you want to help your senior parent get out and enjoy all the holiday events, arrange transportation or companion care at home for them. Then they will be able to go to the mall to shop, drive through Christmas light displays, and enjoy all kinds of holiday activities without any worries about transportation or driving.

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