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What Services Does Home Care Assistance Provide?

If your loved one is going to need follow-up appointments after a hospital stay, hospital to home transition care professionals can help not only manage a calendar but also provide transportation.
Hospital to Home Transition in Webb City MO

When you hear the words home care assistance you might not know what that means or how it can help your elderly loved one age in place. The truth is there are different types of home care assistance and depending on what your loved one needs will determine who you choose to help them. All types of home care can be good for certain individuals but you need to evaluate your senior to find out what their needs are. They are more than capable of aging in place when they have the right team set up. When they have extra help from home care assistance they can thrive and continue to live a high-quality life.

Personal Care at Home

If your loved one needs help with bathing, dressing, or just making it to the bathroom they may need help from personal care at home. Just because your loved one needs help getting dressed in the morning, does not mean they need to give up living a life at home. When they can’t do certain basic things on their own, it can make you worry about their quality of life. But the truth is by having someone who is a professional, they can remain independent, and still thrive. Personal care at home is good for seniors who can do most things on their own but need help with some of the basics.

Skilled Nursing

Sometimes seniors need more help than what a standard caregiver can give them. If they need help with medication management, doctor appointments, or following orders, they need a skilled nurse. This may be especially true if they have a wound or something that needs to be cleaned and taken care of. Your loved one will need to find a nurse who can work with their doctor to ensure they are staying healthy. A skilled nurse may work in tandem with a caregiver so your loved one has full support where they need it.

24-Hour Home Care

Seniors with dementia are often fine with regular caregivers but they need more help during the middle of the night especially when they are experiencing sundowning. Your loved one may need help if they get up or when they need to go to bed. It can be hard to maintain a good routine all day and this is when 24-hour home care comes in handy.

Hospital to Home Transition Care

Seniors may not need a long care term, but they may need hospital to home transition care. They may have or need surgery and they know they will need help after the hospital but not forever. These are professionals who can help set the house up for a good recovery and ensure a senior is doing everything a doctor says to do. If your loved one is going to need follow-up appointments, these professionals can help not only manage a calendar but also provide transportation. This service can truly help how well a senior heals and recovers after surgery and they may even help a senior avoid going back to the hospital for another day. The more your senior loved one takes healing seriously the less likely they are to get readmitted.

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