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In-Home Care Tips For Understanding Senior Medication Issues

An in-home care provider can work with seniors to develop a medication plan that is easy to follow, thus reducing issues that might arise.
Senior Medication: In-Home Care Joplin MO
Senior Medication: In-Home Care Joplin MO
Senior Medication: In-Home Care Joplin MO
Senior Medication: In-Home Care Joplin MO

The aging process brings many changes, including new health issues that might require medication. For seniors, changes to medicine, including adding or deleting prescriptions, can cause frustration. A professional in-home care person can assist with medication issues and ensure seniors maintain their schedule for optimum health and well-being.

Medications Work Differently as Changes in the Body Occur

How a medicine is absorbed, utilized by the body, and excreted can all be impacted by aging. Some medications may linger longer if changes make it harder for the body to break them down or eliminate them from the system. In some cases, seniors could require a lesser drug dosage or an alternative, safer drug.

Medical professionals may start with a lesser dose and gradually increase it until they get the desired effect or prevent side effects. While this is good, it can be challenging for seniors to manage the changes, especially if they are used to how things were. Working with the medical provider and an in-home care member can help keep things on track.

Multiple Medical Conditions May Increase Difficulty in Finding the Right Medication

Seniors frequently have several medical issues. This could influence how drugs behave within the body. Medicines that are prescribed to treat one ailment may also worsen another one. For instance, medications to address other disorders may exacerbate symptoms in seniors with memory issues.

All healthcare professionals who prescribe medication must know all the medical conditions. In this scenario, assistance from home care can be beneficial, especially when visits are virtual, allowing more communication. Additionally, medical providers need to know what side effects have occurred. These steps won’t be missed with proper medication management in the home.

What Seniors Eat or Drink May Cause Complications With Medications

Food, beverages, supplements, and medications that seniors consume concurrently may impact their medication. Some antibiotics do not absorb effectively when consumed with calcium, magnesium, or iron-containing foods, beverages, or medications. As calcium and iron are sometimes supplements that seniors take, this can cause issues.

Additionally, some foods, like grapefruit juice, can alter how some medicines are metabolized. It is good for seniors and their in-home care support team to know what foods and beverages may cause issues and plan accordingly.

Steps to Take to Minimize Medication Issues With Seniors

In-home care providers can check the Beers List for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults to assess if prescribed medications are on the list. Providers can then speak with seniors about possible issues and work with the medical team to ensure proper safety.

Seniors should also have an updated list of medications, both prescription and non-prescription, and supplements they take to minimize possible issues. Supplements may be forgotten as they’re not considered medication, but they have just as much chance to interact with medication as anything else.

When seniors are prescribed a large number of medications, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent schedule. An in-home care provider can work with seniors to develop a plan that is easy to follow, thus reducing issues that might arise.

Helping eliminate medication issues that seniors might have is only one area where in-home care providers can assist. As medications change, diet regulations may also change. Having someone in the home can help seniors meal plan appropriately and assist with shopping and cooking when needed.

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