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7 Facts About Senior Home Care

There's a variety of services that senior home care offers to your senior loved one. Here's why they're so important.
Benefits: Senior Home Care Neosho MO
Benefits: Senior Home Care Neosho MO
Benefits: Senior Home Care Neosho MO
Benefits: Senior Home Care Neosho MO

Senior home care services are designed to support your dad as he ages at home. He doesn’t want to downsize, and you don’t want him to risk his emotional, mental, and physical health. Here are seven things to know about senior home care and the reasons it’s so important.

There Are Around 56 Million Older Adults In the U.S.

Current estimates are that there are close to 56 million adults aged 65 or older in the U.S. Of those adults 80% have at least two chronic health conditions like heart disease, COPD, kidney disease, and diabetes.

41.8 Million Americans Care For an Older Adult

More than 41 million Americans are providing care to someone aged 50 or older. Often, those adults in need of care have physical disabilities or mental health disorders that make it hard for them to take care of themselves.

The Average Age of Family Caregivers is 50

The average age of a family caregiver is 50.1. At that age, the family member is too young to retire and some still have children living at home. These family caregivers are known as sandwich generation caregivers because they’re sandwiched between the care their parents need and the care their children need.

Commutes of Up to Two Hours Are Common

For some family caregivers, their home is between half an hour to two hours from their parent’s home. Adding in the commute time to and from their home can impact their chance to socialize and have fun even more.

57% of Unpaid Caregivers Care for a Parent

More than half of unpaid caregivers are caring for a parent. Alzheimer’s is one of the leading chronic conditions where care is required, and it can last for upwards of 20 years.

Women Are More Likely to Provide Care to a Parent

When it comes to family caregivers, three out of five are women. Men are less likely to fill that role, though that number has been increasing.

Caregiver Burnout is a Risk

Three out of ten family caregivers have been in that role for five or more years. If a caregiver isn’t taking time for self-care, the odds of burning out are great. Caregiver burnout leaves you feeling drained emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The best way to avoid caregiver burnout is by making sure you take days off. Even as your parent’s only caregiver, you need to arrange to have a professional caregiver step in to help while you take a day off. This service is known as respite care.

Do you have more questions about senior home care services like respite care? Talk to an expert in home care to get answers and learn more about prices and schedules. Call a senior home care specialist to get started.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Home Care in Neosho, MO please contact the caring staff at Adelmo Family Care today at (417) 206-4576.

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