Gather The Family to Discuss Senior Home Care After Your Dad’s Fall

Did you know that 28% of older adults fall at least once in a year? Of those falls, 37% lead to injuries that require medical attention. If your dad fell, it’s not uncommon. But, it is important to address what led to the fall and take measures to prevent another fall. Senior home care is one way to do that.

Understanding What Causes Falls

Why do older adults fall? There are a number of reasons, but here are the five most common.

Senior Care Joplin, MO: Seniors and Falls

Senior Care Joplin, MO: Seniors and Falls

  1. Medication side effects : If your dad is experiencing falls due to medications, talk to his doctor. There may be other options to help lower the risk of a fall.
  2. Muscle weakness/thinning bones: Muscle weakness is harder as it can be related to health issues. He should go for a bone density screening if he hasn’t already.
  3. Foot pain: Foot pain can be related to improper toenail length causing nails to dig into neighboring toes. It can strain the many ligaments, tendons, and joints within the feet due to years of using the feet. It can also be a case of shoes that are too tight or loose, so the feet are cramped or that the shoes are rubbing and causing blisters. Get his feet measured professionally before buying his next pair of shoes.
  4. Household hazards: Loose carpeting, slippery flooring, and loose stair rails are all reasons your dad could slip or trip and fall. Slippery bathroom flooring is another hazard and can be corrected with non-slip floor and shower mats and grab bars. If he has light fixtures that need new bulbs or dim lighting, that can also impact the risk of a fall.
  5. Vision impairments: Finally, poor vision can make it harder for your dad to see clearly. Make sure he has his eyes tested and that he’s wearing corrective glasses when he walks around.

How Can Senior Home Care Help?

How does senior home care help prevent falls? It comes down to what led to the fall. If your dad’s medications cause dizziness, having a caregiver there to make sure he remains seated until the side effects ease is ideal. His caregiver can get the items he needs to ensure he doesn’t try to get up.

Did your dad fall while stepping out of the shower? Grab bars may help provide support as he steps over the edge of a tub or in and out of a shower stall. He might need to have someone there to help support his weight to keep him from falling.

Suppose your dad fell on the stairs due to joint pain. If that’s the case, it’s important that you have a caregiver support him if he has to use the stairs. If he can avoid it, that may be better. If he has to use the stairs to leave the house, he needs a caregiver by his side. If his laundry room is in the basement, have a caregiver available to do the laundry for him.

Your dad’s health issue leads to dizziness or instability when he’s walking around. With home care aides by his side on walks outside, going to the bathroom, or heading to the kitchen for a drink, he’s less likely to fall.

Arrange senior home care as soon as you can. As the odds are high that your dad will fall again within the year, you want to make sure he’s supported. Hire senior home care aides today.

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